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COVID-19 and your mental health

COVID-19 and your mental health: What you need to know


Amica Staff Counselling and Psychological support services is a NHS based staff counselling service.

We provide confidential telephone and face to face counselling services to more than 60,000 public sector employees and some private sector.

If you are interested in our services please contact us.


We all need a little help to deal with the changes and challenges in our lives from time to time, whether they are work-related or personal.

Amica also understand that there is increased demand and expectations on our professional and personal lives. This creates tremendous pressure, the kind of pressure that doesn’t always stop at the end of the working day.


Sometimes the stressors and strains can become too much. This is where Amica Staff Counselling Service can help.

Amica helps address many issues ranging from workplace stressors to personal via telephone, face to face and group counselling.

At times you may require legal advice and support and we offer solicitor details to you.